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Attention:This is to inform all donors for the California Gold Coast Combined Federal Campaign, any charitable agencies or others having business with this campaign. As of March 1st, 2014, California Gold Coast Combined Federal Campaign will no longer exist. 

In an effort to centralize campaign goals and save money to better serve the charities we are dedicated to, the California Gold Coast CFC will merge with the Greater Southern California CFC.

All donations made toward the 2013 campaign will be honored as pledged and all monies attributed as requested.

We assure you that there will be ample opportunity to give to charities of your choice in the future and we encourage continued support of the CFC as it moves along to the next step.

All charities will be notified through the Greater So. Cal. CFC about application timing and procedure.

To all those that have given either through time and effort or by kind and generous donations, we want to thank you all! You have ALL made a huge impact in helping charities achieve their goals. The community, the lives of loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and friends are all the better for it!

It has been our great pleasure to have gotten to know and to have served with so many of you over the years!  Keep up the great efforts and strive toward ever more!

Thank YOU!


Further contact should be made to:

Demetrius Stevenson 
CFC Director
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
11150 S. Olive Street T-500
Los Angeles, CA 90015


(213)808-6266 fax                                                              

This site has been reviewed and approved by the California Gold Coast Combined Federal Campaign Local Federal Coordinating Committee for the 2013 CFC campaign

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